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Wooden Weight Loss Reward Magnets


Our lovely weight loss reward magnets are a great gift to anyone who has reached their weight loss goals!

Choose from our 3 milestone choices and 3 amazing shapes!

Each magnet is approx. 5.5cm

If there are any other milestones and shapes you would prefer please get in contact with us, we’d be happy to create them for you!



Personalised Wooden Bunny Tags


Add a personal touch to gift giving this Easter and personalise our wooden bunny tags to go with all Easter eggs and baskets

Choose from our range of beautiful ribbons to add colour to your gift!

Each bunny is approx. 7cm in height and can be engraved with any font we have to offer.

Take your pick and get personalising!

Santa’s Lost Button


Uh-oh! Santa has eaten too much again and has lost a button in the rush of eating and dropping your presents off!!

Can you keep it safe for him to pick up next year?


As well as waking up to presents from Santa, what a better way to set the excitement on Christmas morning by leaving one of Santa’s buttons for your little ones to find!

“Property of Father Christmas” button is a great magical keepsake for all children to keep them believing!

Plant, Veg & Herb Markers


It’s time to get your herb garden going! These laser cut herb markers are the perfect way to mark out what you are growing in your garden! Personalise with any veg, herb or plant and place gently in the soil.

Each marker is approximately 5.5 x 3.4cm with a 6.5cm sturdy stick to be driven into the soil like a stake.

Perfect for anyone who loves to get in their garden! Give them as gifts or keep for yourself and create your own green space!

*All markers are varnished with clear outdoor varnish to protect them through all weathers.

Wooden Bouquet Topper


Add a little extra to giving flowers all year round with our wonderful wooden bouquet topper.

Pick any shape and add up to any four words to be engraved.

Choose from our wide range of fonts and create a complete personalised keepsake bouquet topper that will look beautiful in all bouquets.

Each topper has a stalk of approximately 20cm to slot in with any bouquet

Funny Wooden Parent Coin Decider


Add some laughter to parenting with our coin decider!

When it comes to changing the next nappy, giving the next bottle, or even wanting to pick the next outfit, use our wooden coin decider to decide whose turn it will be!

You can personalise each side with roles or names to suit everyone!

It’s a great, funny gift to all parents or parents-to-be

Please only provide two names or roles below to be engraved, one on either side of the coin

Wooden Bottle Tag


Get guaranteed giggles on your next date night with this “we go together like…” bottle tag!

This is a great and funny way to let someone know how perfect you both are together

Personalised Wooden Engraved Wedding Hangers


Add a loving personal touch when gift giving on your wedding day!

Spoil your bridal party with these lovely wooden hangers. They’ll look great with each outfit and is the perfect permanent keepsake for after the wedding too!

Add any role you would like engraved, their names and the date of your special day to give this beautiful gift to say thank you!

You can have any role engraved, for example:

Bride, Bridesmaid, Flower Girl, Mother of the Bride and many more, the choice is yours!

Initial Hanging Bag Tags


Our initial tags will look great on all types of bags including school bags, lunch bags, p.e bags and so much more!

Choose your favourite colour from our wide range and let us know your initial to create your very own tag.

Our tags also helps little ones identify their own bags at nursery, school and when out and about!

My First Personalised Standing Bunny Decoration


Give a beautiful keepsake gift to a little one celebrating their first Easter this year!

It will make a great addition to all Easter decorations and will be a lovely forever gift for new parents.

You can personalise with any name that will be engraved on the bunny.

Pencil Bookmark Teacher Gift


Our beautiful personalised wooden bookmark gift is ideal for a teacher, pre school teacher or a nursery worker at the end of term or school year.

This wooden pencil bookmark can be personalised with any names to let a special teacher know how amazing they are!

Approx 15cm x 3.5cm

Personalised Baby First Tooth or Curl Pots


Keep hold of a precious moment with our personalised “First Tooth” or “First Curl” pot.

The wooden pots are beautifully laser engraved to make a great personalised gift for a wonderful milestone!

It’s the perfect keepsake gift for all young ones! Loosing a first tooth or getting that first hair cut is a great and exciting moment, let the young ones remember it with our wooden My First pots.

Choose from personalised or non personalised to create a wonderful gift.

Takeaway Dice Decider


Have you ever had one of those evenings where no one can decide what takeaway to order?

Make life easier by rolling our takeaway dice to decide what to eat and eliminate all stress!

It’s engraved with 6 tasty options:

Italian, Indian, Kebab, Fish & Chips, Thai and Chinese.

If you’d like to change any choices just let us know in the “Any Changes” section below which option you’d like to change and what to!

It’s a great gift for all households

Movie Dice Decider


Do you ever get stuck on what kind of movie you should watch? And you end spending the evening going back and forth through all of your options instead of watching an actual film?

We can help you!

Let our wooden movie dice decider make that choice for you and cut out all the stress!

Just simply roll the dice to see your fate.

You can change any of the genres from the following:

Genre Ideas:

Action, Adventure, Animated, Comedy
Disney, Documentary, Drama
Fantasy, Horror, Marvel, Musical
Romance, Romcom, Sci-fi
Thriller, War, Western

Slate Coasters


Our slate coasters are the perfect gift for any homes!

Choose from square, heart or hexagon shape to add warmth and love to all homes!

Choose a special quote you’d like engraved to show your mum or nanny how much she means to you.

If you’d like a bespoke quote engraved on one of our coasters please order which shape you’d like and email with your order number and what you’d like engraved

Eah coaster comes with padded feet underneath the coaster to prevent scratches on table surfaces.