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Hangry Chopping Board With Handle


Our Hangry board is the perfect gift to anyone who can relate!

It will bring laughter to the kitchen and brighten up someones day.

It is made out of bamboo wood and is food ready to get chopping straight away.

The handle makes it easier when serving or moving food around.


Cheese Song Cheese Board


This is the perfect gift for all cheese lovers out there!

The cheese song that’s laser engraved will create smiles for all cheese lovers and will look great in all kitchens.

Bamboo is light, durable and very attractive. The food-safe treatment means it can be used for serving and presenting cheese, cold nibbles and a variety of food products.


“Don’t go bacon my heart” Heart Board


You sang that as you read it right?

This bamboo, food-ready heart shaped chopping board is a great addition to any kitchen!

Put a smile on someone’s face today by ordering them one of our chopping boards


Halloumi Heart Board


Add some love to any kitchen with this cheese loving, movie inspired, heart shaped chopping board!

It’s a great gift for anyone and will put a smile on someone’s face

Bamboo, food-ready heart shaped chopping board.

Great for a loving gift to anyone!


Tap to Chop Wooden Paddle Board


Made from bamboo wood, this food ready paddle shaped chopping board is the perfect gift to brighten up any kitchen.

This is the great gift for anyone who loves to cook!

Our paddle shaped boards are great for display foods on at a dinner party or to display in a kitchen!


Family Kitchen Board


Our family kitchen boards are a great way to show some family love in the kitchen!

Personalise with any name and have it proudly on display.

All boards are made from bamboo and come food ready so they can be used straight away 🙂

Choose from our wide range of shapes to suit all occasions and kitchens!

It’s the perfect gift for newlyweds, an anniversary, birthday, etc. The list goes on!


“Christmas with” Wooden Bamboo Christmas Tree Board


Personalise our Christmas Tree bamboo boards this Christmas to make a great gift for all families

Our beautiful festive board will look lovely as a serving board on your Christmas table or on show in your kitchens.

Add your family name to this cute chopping board to create something that can be used every year.

Pizza Board Game


Our popular wooden Pizza board game is BACK!

Personalise our pizza boards with names or a surname to make a great gift to any pizza lover! It works well with home cooked and takeaways!

The game will bring such laughter to your pizza night and will ensure everyone has a good time (even the person who gets stuck with washing up!)

Serve your next pizza with fun and style!

Personalise with names or surname